Read 100,000
Read 100,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enter the time I have spent reading?
Go to then select “Kids,” then “Enter Now.” You will see a screen that looks like this:

Type in the “Screen Name” and “Password.” You will get to a screen that looks like this:

Log Minutes.jpg

  • What is my Screen Name and Password?
Except for Pre-K and Kindergarten, most students have been given their Screen Name and Passwords during library class. The Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers have received those Screen Names and Passwords. You should type in the Screen Name and Passwords with no capital letters or spaces.
  • What if I forget my Screen Name and Password?
Ask me or your child’s homeroom teacher. I cannot change the Screen Names, but the Passwords have been changed to make it easier to remember. Pre-K to 2nd Grade Passwords are “mudbugs,” and 3rd through 5th Grade will use their Clever ID as their password.
  • What is the school’s goal?
The school’s goal is 850,000 minutes by May 4, 2018.Each student has a personal goal of 64 minutes per week.
  • What happens if the school makes its goal of 800,000 minutes?
Please vote! The poll is on the Home page until November 30th!
  • What happens if the student makes his/her goal?
At the ceremony, I will announce the top readers for recognition. Also, I will buy books for the top 5 readers!