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Academic Games
Academic Games Leagues of America
Academic Games Leagues of America

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Tournament 1 Practice
A Basic Explanation of Equations

Order of Operations

Fractions, GCF, LCM

Tournament 2 Practice

Propaganda B

Propaganda C

How to Play On-Sets Prezi by Christian Fernandez

Set Theory
(You will need to know everything up to Compliment)

Tournament 3 Practice

Propaganda D

Propaganda F

Ling Assignment: Use your flip book to collect words of each part of speech. Collect words between 4-10 letters. Collect words with double vowels, double consonants, or unusual letter patterns (z, x, q not followed by u). Write your words on the page designated for that particular part of speech (nouns on the "Nouns" page, etc.). Try to have at least 20 nouns and verbs, and at least 10 of each other part of speech by the time we return from Mardi Gras break. The more words you find now, the better you'll be when it is time to play Linguishtik.

Playing Linguishtik 1

Playing Linguishtik 2

Playing Linguishtik 3

Parts of Speech

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Diagramming Sentences

BrainPOP- Parts of Speech